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My Clients Speak

  • We were seeking help for our college-aged son and appreciated that Linda had professional training as well as in-school and personal experience working with ADD. Our son worked well with Linda on several aspects of ADD: strategies for studying, organizing time and tasks, and expressing and processing the frustrations of learning at a large university. She was able to work with our son on both practical solutions and the broader perspective of understanding and coping with ADD, and some aspects of Asperger’s syndrome. We decided to work with Linda Taylor because friends recommended her. Their daughter had made progress working with her during college.
    Mom of college-aged son
  • I choose to work with Linda because I needed help understanding how ADD impacts my life. I was looking for solutions on how to manage my spending, and discuss work related issues while planning for future work goals. I needed a specialist that understood the unique challenges that I faced because other help professionals in the past had not understood me.
    Adult with ADD
  • To put it simply, Linda is a life-saver. A job-saver. A marriage-saver. She is amazing. If you have ADHD and are struggling in ANY AREA of your life, you need to call Linda. You need to call her to because she can help. She can make things easier. I promise. Rather, Linda can give you the tools to make things easier. You do the work – because you can. Because the ability is within you. She just shows you HOW to do it.
    Professional with Adult ADD
  • Linda is firm but non-judgmental…she really gets it! Linda has a very extensive and current knowledge of ADHD, and a realistic view of how it can be managed. She is very careful to empower me in making decision as opposed to giving advice…which must be tempting at times. Linda has a sharp business acumen that is helpful for clients like me who need guidance for organizing finances.
    Professional with Adult ADHD
  • We (parents) need help too, and there are not that many people out there who really understand ADHD. I find that Linda helps me keep a perspective on my children’s issues, but gives me the encouragement to continue. Linda has helped me keep focused, helped me vent, and brainstorm on ideas for my children. Although it’s difficult to adjust in all the daily responsibilities we have to ensure our (ADHD) children have the correct tools to learn, parents need someone to talk to and I turned to Linda for that support.
    Mom of two adopted children with ADHD
  • Linda helped me understand that I didn’t need fixing, but rather work-arounds that would lead to being more productive and less stressed. Most importantly Linda helped me recognize that accepting my challenges does not mean that I’m surrendering to them. We got very specific about time management issues; how tracking time is critical both to being realistic about the time it takes to complete a project, as well as the passing of time and how to control it to avoid being late. I learned that starting and completing a project is more important than perfection (and much more satisfying), as well as how to monitor my progress to keep me motivated.
    Law Enforcement Professional